Music Land. The story of this painting is a very peculiar one. Me (Nico), Ronny and Joe found a tipy on the streets and we set it up at the cabin in Oklahoma. In a sacred afternoon we decided to meet at the tippy with a special drink made of Cacao, Mushroom Powder, Homemade Marihuana Oil, A little bit of Coffe, Herbs for taste, and Honey. Once inside and with the drink at hand we rotated this beautiful drink and I gotta admit it was tasty too. A couple minutes later we were holding hands, closed our eyes and let our hearts speak. Music Appered to me in the form a beautiful girl with very long hair. She flowed so perfectly in forms of circles and guided us into a special place. We followed here into this magnificent landscape of pink sky, vegetation and life everywhere.


Canvas: 16" x 22" 


Comes with a deeper, fuller written version of the story.


Original: $892

Print: $38

Music Land